There are different surgical techniques used to lift the breast. To determine which is best suited for you, you'll need to discuss your options during a breast lift consult. In general, the further the breast has fallen, the more extensive the surgery will be. I generally perform the breast lift by one of three ways:

  • crescent mastopexy
    When the nipple has fallen only slightly, you may be a candidate for a crescent mastopexy. This procedure involves removing a small crescent of breast skin and breast tissue directly above the areola (the colored area around the nipple). You are left with a small scar above the areola. See Dr. Rodriguez explain the crescent breast lift as an option for mild asymmetry in What is a Crescent Lift Mastopexy?.

  • benelli mastopexy
    If the nipple must be moved a little higher the best procedure may be the circumareolar mastopexy of Benelli. This involves removing a donut shaped piece of skin around the areola and attaching the remaining breast skin. The scar is circular and encompasses the areola. This procedure is also sometimes referred to as a Benelli breast lift or a Donut mastopexy.

  • vertical lollipop mastopexy
    The last approach is the best for severe breast ptosis (droop). In this approach the skin is removed around the areola and also on the lower part of the breast gland. The scar is around the areola and also vertically down the front of the breast, as a 'lollipop' scar.                                            

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